What you wanna see at Louvre – Day 5

Breakfast from the hotel I slept in Paris

I am a big breakfast person.

I used to be a big breakfast person like the photo above, but I have been doing this “healthy breakfast” for a month. Now I see flaxseed, chia seeds, some walnuts and Brazilian nuts mixed with spinach, berries, banana and Greek yogurt in my breakfast bowl. It’s still big breakfast, but I feel more energetic, motivated, healthier, happier and less bloated.

Louvre Museum

I think we grabbed coffee before entering museum. It was packed with tourists, locals, students and families. This was not even noon yet.

#1. Winged Victory of Samothrace (Denon Wing, Daru Staircase)

I love looking at the paintings and finding out the stories behind. This amazing museum is one of the reasons why I want to go back to Paris.

Because there are so many things to see, it is impossible and silly to take too much photos of them(you should definitely try to enjoy with your eyes than your phone), but I couldn’t help myself and had to take photos of the things that caught my eyes.

Look at the loafers they are wearing on the right. Those are so in style right now!

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (Denon Wing, Room 6)

I was lucky to be in the front of the row and took this picture in the crowd. It’s not something you can take your time to admire because there are so many people who also want to see this.

Take a quick picture and move on!

Sam is interested in taking photos of… hmm

Pastries, pastries, pastries…

Don’t go on carb free diet in Paris. Then you are missing at least 40% of Paris!

I think for five days of Paris trip, we saw Eiffel Tower at least three times. You gotta see it in the morning, at night, and of course, you need to go up there too!

After enjoying Eiffel Tower, we had authentic pot au feu(French beef stew) with a bottle of house wine. It was definitely one of the most romantic and perfect nights.

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