Why Do You Love Paris? Paris trip – Day 4

First of all, I love French food. French onion soup is one of my favorite soups and I love Beef bourguignon especially after a long night of drinking.

I am not a huge fan of Foie gras because of the way how Foie gras is made and I think it should be illegal. However, when it’s on the table, I become curious and gonna try one or two bites. I am a curious eater. Please don’t judge me.

While traveling Paris, I did my research about the food in Paris and I found out that soups in France are considered to be comfort food. I mean, soups in general is comfort food but then how come all kinds of French foods are so expensive in Korea? And even in the states? Except French fries… Are French fries really invented in France?

I love bread, pastries, cakes… any kinds of food that is made of flour and yeast. I can eat 10 pasties a day and I will be happy if I didn’t need to worry about how it will affect on my body. That’s how much I love bread.

So, for me, walking on the street smelling freshly baked cookies and pastries at every corner of the street was so dreamy. I was sniffing around the bakeries and enjoyed every piece of flavor.

Norte Dame

Notre Dame / Photo credit: Abby

I don’t know whether Sam knew where we were heading or not. I believed that we were walking without plans. We walked along the street and stopped by at couple of petit stores to look for some antique tea cups. The river Seine was calm and beautiful.

When we turned around the corner, there was a beautiful building in front of us. It was Notre Dame! Look at the details of the building. Now I understand where the tragic but beautiful love story came from.

I said hello to the gargoyles too.

Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf / Photo credit: Abby

Pont Neuf in French means new bridge although, I heard Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris. Also grotesque faces called mascarons have so much details and slightly different from each other. Same as gargoyles, they were made to ward off evil spirits.

Many movies and TV shows were filmed on Pont Neuf. I think “The Lovers on the Bridge” is the most well-known movie but there are so many more. One of the scenes in “The Bourne Identity” and “Midnight in Paris” was filmed on this bridge. I saw “The Bourne Identity” and “Midnight in Paris” right after the trip when I was working out on treadmill in Korea. I almost cried because of the memories of this beautiful city.

We went to see the night view of “The Louvre”. I realized that the night gives different colors to the city. When the night comes, all the buildings, streets, signs and sculptures shine in different ways and inspire people in different ways.

Christmas Market

Oh, Christmas market. I just love Christmas market so much but this Christmas market was so special because it is the best!

There’s something magical about Christmas market
/ Photo credit: Abby

There are plenty of delicious foods you can choose, chocolate here, mulled wine there, everyone looks happy, joyful Christmas carols and dreamy lights!

This Christmas market was the biggest, the most beautiful and the best.

I can’t believe we found this Christmas market so randomly. I remember how we found this. When we were on the e-scooters zooming around the city, Sam was mesmerized by the Ferris wheel from the far. I personally thought that it looks quite cheesy, but Sam always love flash lights.

We got closer to the Ferris wheel as we took photos of it.

Photo credit: Abby

It was not just a small flea market as I guessed. It turned out to be this gigantic Christmas market! What could be better than this?

We even went on the Ferris wheel to look at the night view of Paris. It was freaking cold but Sam was so excited!


Remarkable lights on Champs-Elysees / Photo credit: Abby

Champs-Elysees was pretty close from the Christmas market.

The only reason I wanted to go here was….

Joe Dassin Champs Elysees

I love this song. Who doesn’t?

To be continued…