Abby loves nightlife, Paris trip – Day3

When I travel, I make sure to avoid “sketchy” neighborhoods. Well, is this something offensive to say? Even it is, I am sure we all have those areas we want to avoid when we walk as a traveler. So it is a must to ask a local for an advice.

The hotel staff was very friendly, bubbly and even lovely. I just loved her French accent when she was talking to us in English. She told us not to go too far below Montmartre area. As you can see xxx marks on the map.

Beautiful streets in Paris
/ Photo credit: Abby

For some reason, I don’t see any daytime photos on 3rd day…
Well, it really doesn’t matter, because the night time in Paris is definitely more romantic!

We were walking and walking all day long. There are so many things to do and so many things to see in Paris. We even walked around the same area over and over.

There is something unique about the street arts in Paris.

I mean yes, there are street arts everywhere in the world, but there is something more in these street arts in Paris. There is intensity, unconventionality and definitely the spirit of parisien in the art. #StreetArtInParis

Oh hello Eiffel Tower! I love you!

Mulin Rouge

Could be a beautiful postcard
/ Photo credit: Abby

I still remember the movie “Mulin Rouge” I saw long time ago. The one with Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mcgregor. When he was singing for her, there was this windmill spinning around in the background. I don’t know if they actually filmed here but I can get the sense already. It’s red, sparkly and glamorous!

It was pretty late when we walked back from Mulin Rouge, but we couldn’t go back to the hotel. It’s because we have a special party plan tonight! Yay! When we have to get our night going, we need to drink “Espresso martini”. Thanks to Sam, I know now that this exists and it works well while tasting so good.

Le Ponton

Le Ponton
69, Port de la Rapée
75012 PARIS

I don’t know how Sam found this party in Paris. Sam is always full of ideas with creative plans. Wherever we go, there are always fun things to do with Sam.

The place is by the Seine. It looks like a big boat with three floors. There were two dance floors on the top and the bottom floor was for an extra bar.

How can this be more romantic than this? We were drinking champagne while enjoying a view of the Seine.
I know saying “Romantic” for party might sound odd for some people but I find some parties very romantic and this was one of them.

This place reminds me of a place that I love in SF
/ Photo credit: Abby

They were selling crepes on the deck. Time to eat! I remember all the nights we had bacon hotdogs in San Francisco. Now we are eating crepes at 3am in Paris.

Life is good.

The crepes with Jamon and cheese. I can’t forget the taste of the crepes. Thank you for this amazing night out, Sam 🙂

To be continued…