Feeling romantic in the city, Paris trip – Day 1+2

Date: 11/23/2018 – 11/27/2018 (5days)

City: Paris

“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.” – Thomas Jefferson.

I was so excited for Paris even few weeks before this trip. It’s because I always considered Paris as one of my dream cities for my life. After the trip, I would say, I love Paris even more. I really do.

Yes, people in Paris wanted us to speak French. Yes, traffic in Paris is horrible. And yes, there was a protest at ChampsElysees when we traveled. However, the city itself was so attractive and I didn’t care about all other factors that might bother other people.

Le Clos Bourguignon
Yelp 4stars
Onion soup, Beef bourguignon and salad with house wine

We landed in Paris with so much excitement.
When we got into our hotel, it was already after dinner time. Hotel was decorated with several vintage items. It boasted Victorian style with golden frames and floral patterns. I loved it.

We decided to walk a little for food. When we found this small yet authentic looking restaurant, it was pretty empty. I loved the rustic and lighthearted atmosphere. A lady welcomed us and recommended some options for food and wine. We celebrated the first night in Paris with couple of wines.

Biosphere Cafe
Yelp 4.5stars
Crepe, breakfast sandwich and pumpkin soup with coffee

Paris was colder than Barcelona but it was pretty good weather overall. We could have hotel breakfast, but oh well, we chose to sleep more. That way, we get to explore more food options in Paris! (And, that is the smart move!)


Photo credit: Abby

There are so many places to go in Paris. We only have few days to explore and had to make decisions on where to go.

Should we spend more time here? Can we also stop by this place? Do we want to visit here? The hardest decision to make ever!

The first stop was Montmartre. It is known as the stage for artists! As we expected, there were lots of souvenirs and art pieces on the street. I saw some artists drawing tourists too. It was full of energy with a good mixture of locals, tourists and artists.

Cloudy sky with Sacré-Cœur
/ Photo credit: Abby

I got busy with taking pictures of street arts. So many inspiring drawings and paintings were casually here and there.

We spent all morning at Montmartre. Now time to take a small break. When we travel, we usually look for good coffee or food on Yelp. This time, however, we just walked into an elegant looking bakery+coffee place. I think we were just drawn to the smell of freshly baked bread and cakes.

Photo credit: Abby
Pain pain
Yelp 4stars
chocolate Éclair, Pate sucree pastry with tea and coffee

I had some tea with a small Pate sucree pastry and Sam had coffee with a chocolate Éclair. Yes, Éclair is Sam’s favorite!

Les Puces de Saint-Ouen

On the way back, we stopped by at Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. This is one of the popular flea markets in Paris. I always love flea markets and wanted to check out for old French accessories. If you are thinking to check out flea markets in Paris, make sure you go there early in the morning so you don’t miss any good ones!

Photo credit: Abby

No need to be disappointed with not finding anything at the flea market! There are tones to explore in Paris. The best part in Paris for me was, walking on the street and melting into the classic atmosphere of Paris.

To be continued…