Drama at Park Güell – Barcelona trip: Day 4

Park Güell

Park Güell / Photo credit: Abby

Last day in Barcelona.
Sam and I were not feeling well since last night, so we took a long night of sleep until late morning.
We headed to Park Güell. This was one of Sam’s must do lists.

Park itself is pretty big and they only let certain number of people in for the main area. We walked around the park while waiting for our turn. Sam was so excited to take lots of photos of the views on the way.

This one seemed like under the construction, but everyone went over the rope and enjoyed the view from the top.

When we enter the main area, Sam rushed to take a good photo of the area. On the other hand, I am more like a view-enjoying person. Also, there were a group of girls interviewing people for their homework. As you know, I am an educational professional and I thought it was a great chance to talk with local children. I personally believe that unexpected things like this make the trip more interesting and more meaningful. Sometimes, these are the best part of the trip. So when the girls approached me, I smiled and they started talking.

“Hi, do you have time? Do you speak English or Spanish?”

They introduced themselves and told me that they are asking some questions for their English homework. I was so excited and ready to answer.

However, after couple of questions, Sam showed up. He was somehow so rushed and so upset. He was cutting their words and almost yelled that we don’t have time.

I tried to explain why I value this type of experience more, but he seemed not understanding. I don’t want to put too much details on here, but I was pretty sad.

Evening view from Park Güell
/ Photo credit: Abby

When we got to this point, it was already 5:30pm or maybe even 6:00pm. It was not the best time to take great pictures. Sam complained that it was because I took time to talk with the girls.

Oh dear.

And yes i am rolling my eyes even now.

Well, I think these pictures are more unique than the ones with bright sunshine and dreamy clouds.

Future members of the national team of Barcelona
/ Photo credit: Abby

There were children playing soccer besides. I am more attracted to these kinds of views than touristic pieces.

Leaving drama behind, we went back to the town.

Palau de la Música Catalana
/ Photo credit: Abby

We stopped by Palau de la Música Catalana

And had big dinner. Everything I ate in Barcelona was really good!

Soccer is a big deal especially in Barcelona / Photo credit: Abby

On the way back to our hotel, there were lots of people gathered in the middle of the road. I was curious what they were doing and obviously, they are playing soccer game together! How fun!


After a short break in the room, we were all excited for the long night. Tonight is the last night in Barcelona and we must go out!

There were some options for parties. First, we went to W hotel for a nice view and fancy drinks. After that, we checked out couple of clubs. Cherry one was more like Latin music and opium was edm. I enjoyed both!

Peaceful view from W hotel
/ Photo credit: Abby

Barcelona was beautiful, peaceful, friendly and delicious.