Deep Dive into the Architecture – Barcelona trip: Day 3


Peaceful view from the top of Montserrat / Photo credit: Abby

It was a beautiful day. Although, we had to get up a little too early to check out Montserrat. Everyone was grumpy faces, including me.

I am more like a morning person so I tried to cheer up all my non-morning friendly friends. It’s not easy especially when they don’t even want to talk!

Anyways, we took some funny selfies while waiting for the train to Montserrat. Train was not too busy but there was no seat available for us. I looked around for a while but gave up on sitting pretty soon.

Train took almost an hour as I remember. We got in the cable car and went up to the mountain.

Of course, the view was breathtaking and definitely worthy for an early morning.

There was a church on top of the Montserrat. Everyone was quiet. I took a photo from outside. I admired the design and decoration of the buildings.

There were candles for people to light up. There were also some donation boxes for the candles. It was very quiet, peaceful and religious.

Only one cafeteria was open. Of course,
you can’t expect too much when you are on top of the mountain!
/ Photo credit: Abby

After walking around Montserrat, checking out the buildings, we got hungry. At least, I got hungry.

When all my friends were checking out an area outside, I almost yelled at them.

“I will go to the cafeteria first! Take your time!”

Sorry, I couldn’t wait any longer. When I get hangry, the only solution is putting food in my body.

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

This is not too far from Plaça d’Espanya, Barcelona
/ Photo credit: Abby

On the way back to the town, we all fell asleep. We all agreed to have some coffee before checking out other places.

The place we went for coffees was memorable for some reasons. I think the lady who made coffee for us was unique. She looked like her 40’s, spoke only Spanish, so we tried every Spanish word we knew to get the right coffee. At the end, we got right amount of caffeine to keep our trip going.

Photo credit: Abby

I remember we had a small debate over what we want to do after. We had two options available:

  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Park Güell

Well, the Uber driver made our choice easier. She said we would need at least 4~5 hours for Park Güell. Since it’s already getting late. So, the choice is La Sagrada Familia!

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia
/ Photo credit: Abby

It didn’t take too long to get here. I was amazed by this surrealistic architecture in front of my eyes. Wow!

Is that a Christmas tree in the middle of the building?

We tried panorama on iPhone to take all in.

The other side of the building
/ Photo credit: Abby

The building was designed carefully in every way and everywhere. It inspired me and I got so busy with my imagination while looking at this beautiful building.

I know nothing about architecture, but well, I definitely haven’t seen anything like this in my life.

Plus, this building is not from a movie. This is a real church!

Inside of the building was even more sophisticated. I thought the building was so magical.

Here is a list of the things I thought about La Sagrada Familia.

  • Organic life – for example, blood stems
  • Ant house
  • Alien house
  • Spaceship
  • A building that can be found in the heart of the earth…

Gaudi is genius and so inspirational. We spent a lot of time admiring every inch of the building. We got some souvenirs from downstairs and headed back to the hotel.

To be continued…