Midnight in Barcelona – Barcelona trip: Day 2

Beautiful sky in Barcelona / Photo credit: Abby

On the way back to the hotel, we saw a big group of pigeons. We followed the pigeons and entered a square. While my friends were enjoying pigeon chasing, I looked up the sky and enjoyed the colors of the clouds.

I always thought that colors of the skies are different in different countries and even cities. It’s usually beautiful mixture of orange and light blue in San Francisco, purple and pink in San Diego, darker orange and deep blue in Busan!

Well, it might be just my imagination, but I really think that the color of the sky in Barcelona is more like yellow, light orange and blue.

View from the hotel / Photo credit: Abby

When we got to the hotel, we went up to the hotel rooftop. We could see La Sagrada Familia and some other Gaudi buildings from the top. It was beautiful.

Casa Mila / Photo credit: Abby

It started raining when we were walking towards Casa Mila. We really wanted to do tour here, but it got canceled because of the thunder and lightening.

Well, there is one more reason to come back to Barcelona!

If you see this, you are at the right place / Photo credit: Abby

After a light snack, we took Uber to come to this unique cafe in town.
My friend Diego who lives in Spain, recommended this place for an interesting experience.

Entrance of El Bosc de les Fades. Look at the dragon with a fallen angel!
/ Photo credit: Abby

As you can see, it’s called “El bosc de les fades”.
What an interesting entrance!

It was pretty dark inside, so I rather enjoyed the atmosphere than taking low quality pictures. I felt like I was in a dungeon or mysterious forest.

Drinks were good and they had a light snack such as sandwich and some fried food.

Slow, quiet and peaceful night in Barcelona / Photo credit: Abby

It was quiet and peaceful walking on the street in Barcelona.
Most stores were closed, but we could even find a Turkish kebab place on the way. What a surprising finding!

My second night in Barcelona was almost done.
Time flies when I travel.

To be continued…