Feeling like local – Barcelona trip: Day 2

When I travel, I prefer to be a little lazy. I like to sleep longer if I want to even if that means less sightseeing. I just like the idea of being lazy in different countries or cities and that way, I feel less like a tourist, if that makes sense.

After a long night sleep, we decided to go to “La Boqueria”. I believe it means, “The market” and if it is not, I will eventually realize as my Spanish gets better.

Jamon is one of the most famous things in Barcelona / Photo credit: Abby

It was pretty crowded even before we arrived at “La Boqueria”. There were lots of tourists taking photos in front of this Jamon store. I didn’t want to be one of them, but oh well, I took it really quick though.

I don’t know why Jamon is so popular yet, perhaps I jut don’t know how to enjoy the flavor of meats. It doesn’t matter.

You just have to try Jamon when you travel in Spain, that’s what I heard.

I am definitely not vegetarian, but somewhat I feel sad when I see this
/ Photo credit: Abby

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but when I saw this, I felt like my thighs were feeling the pain of cutting. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t try this.

I am like that. A person with full of irony.
Beautiful colors of peppers, fruits and vegetables / Photo credit: Abby
So much of seafood available! / Photo credit: Abby
Fruits in cups / Photo credit: Abby

Looking around the market was finished pretty quick because we all had to have some coffees. I was totally fine with getting coffee from one of the shops in the market, but my sophisticated friends wanted “better” coffees so we headed to the town.

Beautiful narrow sky view between classic buildings / Photo credit: Abby

On the way, we made lots of stops to take photos of the streets, buildings and even people – I know it sounds creepy but sometimes, people are the most essential parts of the exotic views. Don’t you think so?

I really love this unique narrow streets in Barcelona / Photo credit: Abby
I would hang this on my wall / Photo credit: Abby
Is Costa coffee that good? / Photo credit: Abby

Yup. This is the coffee we got after a long walk through the streets. Well, I thought it was pretty good and plus we experienced the streets felt like being local for a while, so it was worth it!

Beautiful gothic style building / Photo credit: Abby

One thing I really loved about Barcelona trip was that I could see this kind of beautiful buildings everywhere without even planning. I wish I had a guide with me so I could learn all the stories behind those buildings.

Oh right, I had “Ben guide” who was gaslighting me everywhere with fact-like fake information.
(Thanks to Ben for making this trip more fun)

To be continued…