Abby eats and drinks – Barcelona trip: First Day

Date: 11/19/2018 - 11/23/2018 (4days)
City: Barcelona

For some people, Barcelona is a city of parties.
For others, it is a city of soccer, Gaudi, tapas, Picaso, or even bullfighting.

This was my first but not last Europe trip.
The weather was a bit gloomy in the sky when we arrived. Although, I was not bothered by this weather. People were friendly, buildings were sophisticated and streets were romantic.

After unpacking, we were craving for tapas. As always, Sam checked through on Yelp for good 30minutes and finally made a decision. There was this good looking tapas place named Vinitus, nearby our hotel.

Tapas Bar
4.5 stars on Yelp
My review: The restaurant seemed pretty popular. We had to wait for an hour to be seated. Food was great, price was reasonable and service was good. Steak with foie gras was fantastic.

Whenever I travel to new cities, I always try to eat local food to embrace my cultural experience. Some people say sangria in Barcelona is only for tourists but I really enjoyed sangria everyday while traveling Barcelona.

It was pretty late when the dinner was done. We decided to have a couple of drinks before going to the bed.

Endless shots are available here
Espit Chupitos
4 stars on Yelp
My review: I would love to go back for all the other shots I haven’t tried yet. Also very professional staffs.

Sam suggested “Espit Chupitos” after a careful research(THANKS TO SAM!). Obviously, I’ve had shots on fire before(duh!) but this place was definitely impressive and memorable.

She is pouring fire in a glass

The staff here was not only very skillful with fire but also remembered everything on the menu.

Each shot was €2~€3 and not too strong (to drink a lot). You can choose something sweet, strong, crazy or with fire. There are so many options – perhaps over a hundred – and all of them have interesting names.

After 5-6 shots, we got a little tipsy but not so drunky. We thought we could explore more of the night life in Barcelona, so we headed to The Alchemix.

Lovely and delicious drink from The Alchemix
The Alchemix
Gastropubs, Cocktail Bars
5 starts on Yelp
My review: They have remarkable drinks. I loved the way they introduce their drinks to us. We tried 5-6 different drinks total and we loved every single drink we tried.

In San Francisco, there is a bar named “Alchemist” nearby where I used to live. I liked going there quite often because they make really good cocktails(when I say good cocktails, they are usually tasty and strong enough to get drunken after 1~2 drinks).

The Alchemix in Barcelona was nothing like Alchemist in SF. It was more like a quiet place where you can sit down with couple of friends on a comfortable couch and have nice conversations. The staffs were very friendly yet professional. They explained every drink on the menu.

It felt like a high-end drink place with uniquely created drinks.

We saw CASA Batllo Gaudi on the way back to the hotel / Photo credit: Abby

The first night was fun, relaxing and beautiful in Barcelona. We slept really well and dreamed of the next adventure.

To be continued…