I offer my clients accuracy and clarity that is guided by careful research of their subject area and terminology. I write fluently in Korean with a range of styles, paying close attention to context.

My background includes five years of experience in education, managing classrooms and planning curriculums, followed by years of traveling, blogging and developing social media. Given that, I bring deep  knowledge of education, children-related content, social studies, relevant aspects of travel/tourism, blog contents and creative writing, to my translation work. As an avid networker, I engage closely with social trend, slang, pop culture and other social phenomena both in Korea and North America. I also have academic experience and knowledge in both  social sciences and mechanical engineering.

About translation service

Language pairs : English to Korean (Korean native speaker)

Hours : 9am – 5pm (MON – FRI) PDT
Currently located in Vancouver, Canada

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Email : abigail.translator@gmail.com

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